Why Buy an Aussie Hangouts Clothesline

Why buy an Aussie Hangouts Clothesline ? There are so many reasons…

For generations, Australians have been using traditional methods to dry clothes and linen. The great Hills hoist of yesteryear is no longer Australian-made nor Australian and the quality that once was, sadly is no more. Other brands lacking in quality and are not built to last! An example pictured below of rust and deterioration.


Aussie Hangouts Clothes lines manufacture and produce the yester year quality with a modern look and designed to last a lifetime whilst adding an elegance of style previously lacking.

Constructed with 1.6mm BlueScope steel and powder coated in popular Colorbond colours. Match your outdoor colour scheme, with a choice of Drop down and fixed clotheslines to suit new and existing homeowners. Environmentally and economically friendly options to suit Childcare Centres, Fire Stations, and anywhere clotheslines are required. As pictured in the example below.

If you search clotheslines near me. You will probably find Bunnings come up with a range of clotheslines they have in-store. It’s a guarantee they are lacking the same superior quality as The Aussie Hangouts Clotheslines. Structurally and in the quality of material used. Yes, they are cheaper, however, factor in the fact that they haven’t included the installation fee, it doesn’t equate to it being less affordable at all. Because the material used is of cheaper quality and yes you get what you are paying for.

Why Buy An Aussie Hangouts Clothesline? Fold_Down_Clothesline
Built to last, like no other ! Heavy duty steel 1.6mm thick steel BlueScope and stainless steel wire thread.BONUS Basket holder

Hydraulically pressed Stainless steel 3.2mm wire thread. Ensures no strand breakages and annoying sagging, Ensures the clotheslines function the same way for years to come.

As a bonus to help remove the heavy lifting and constant bending up and down, we have designed a folding/sliding Basket Holder made from 1.6mm thick steel and 2mm 19mm steel tubing. Use it for the basket, or as a folding shelf or tea towel or sock line.

We believe we have designed the most functional made-to-last heavy-duty clothesline on the market today! All come with 15-year warranty, T&Cs apply.

Inquire within @ inquiries@aussiehangoutsclotheslines.com.au