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100% Australian Made Products
100% Australian Owned Company
We Use 1.6mm Heavy Duty, High Quality Steel
Under 7 Days Installation Process
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Comes With 15 year Warranty!
We service and Install our Australian Made Clotheslines locally, including the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are now installing to outer regions also.
Surcharge may apply to some outer regions.
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Extremely happy with our new clothesline. Excellant install by Neil. Highly recommend. CJ


Experience exceptional. Excellent use of a compact space to install a clothesline that is not only well-crafted but also brilliantly designed.  Cannot recommend Aussie Hangouts Clotheslines highly enough.Read More


Neil, amazing clean job, bro. We totally loved it. Definitely will recommend to our friends. Wish, I could give you more than 5 stars.


Neil was professional and personal. I’m really pleased with my new clothes line, it fits perfectly on my brick wall under my pergola and still attracts the sun. Neil assembled my clothes line and fitted it to the wall with no issues. He checked in with me and asked me questions to make sure I was ok with everything and where my clothes line was going.
Thank you 🙏


Great product which was straight forward to install.


Aussie hangouts delivers top quality clotheslines and installation. Materials are heavy duty, but light and are built to last. Couldn’t be more happier with my product and cannot thank the team enough for their incredible help from start to finish. Can’t recommend enough, thanks again Aussie hangouts!


Excellent service and quality, very happy, highly recommend!!!

Jessica Pollicina

A great and caring company to deal with,ordered one day and installed the next day,plenty of hanging room,simple to operate up and down,basket rack a great addition,no bending down,completely Australian made and a realistic price!

Michael Paull

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Aussie Hangouts Clothes lines?
For generations Australians have been using traditional methods to dry clothes and linen. The great Hills hoist of yesteryear is no longer Australian made nor Australian owned and the quality that once was, sadly is no more.

Aussie hangouts Clothes lines manufacture and produce the yester year quality with a modern look and designed to last a lifetime whilst adding an elegance of style previously lacking.

Constructed with 1.6mm BlueScope steel, powder coated in popular Colorbond colours to match your outdoor colour scheme, with a choice of Drop down and fixed clothes lines to suit new and existing homeowners, childcare centres and anywhere clothes lines are required.

Hydraulically pressed Stainless steel 3.2mm wire thread ensures no strand breakages and annoying sagging, ensuring the clothes lines function the same way for years to come.

As a bonus to help remove the heavy lifting and constant bending up and down, we have designed a folding/sliding Basket Holder made from 1.6mm thick steel and 2mm 19mm steel tubing. Use it for the basket, or as a folding shelf or tea towel or sock line.

We believe we have designed the most functionable made to last heavy-duty clothesline on the market today.
What are the benefits of an Aussie Hangouts Clothes lines?
  1. Quality and affordability- like no other.
  2. Create space with our various clothes lines designed specifically with that in mind. Australian backyards are getting smaller and smaller. We have various sizes and designs available from 1Metre up to 3 Metres, suitable for Micro Apartments and residential, Industrial size buildings. Fold-down (retractable) or fixed (fully welded) and standalone options available.
  3. Superior quality, made from 1.6mm thick galvanised steel and stainless-steel wire thread and fittings. It is an Industrial, sleek, elegant design all in one with minimalistic features.
  4. BONUS Basket Holder with every purchase, exclusive to Aussie Hangouts Clothes lines. Helps alleviate the pain and strain of the heavy lifting from the ground up. “Do it with ease, it’s a breeze!”
  5. Installation included in the purchase price for a limited period of time.
  6. 100% made and owned in Australia, using Australian products, including Colorbond and BlueScope steel.
  7. We want to keep manufacturing in Australia.
  8. Aussie Hangouts Clothes lines includes an extensive 10-year warranty. 15-year warranty available. T&Cs apply.
  9. Sustainable, built to last, like no other!
  10. Installed locally within 7 days of purchase, some conditions may apply to outer regional areas.
What to look for in Clothes lines?
Clothes lines should be Quality made, easy to use, long lasting and affordable.
Can Clothes lines be restrung?
YES! we can re-strand some old clotheslines such as the original built to last Hills Hoist.

Unfortunately, many of the modern clothes lines are unable to be stranded with 3.2mm SS line as they are not structurally designed to handle the tension and buckle inwards which affects the hold operation when trying to lift them into position and once side will lock in and the other wont which can be very frustrating.

Luckily with an Aussie Hangouts Clothe line you will not need a re-strand but if you do have an original Hills Hoist give us a call and we will be happy to give it a new lease of life.
What is the difference between retractable and fold-down?
The difference between retractable and fold down clothes lines is that fold down clothes lines are designed to support their own weight through design, whereas retractable clothes lines once placed in the upright position are required to click in on both sides to hold them up. Our fold down cannot fail whereas a retractable is reliant on everything being just right.
What is the benefit of our Australian Made Clothes lines?
Aussie Hangouts Clothesline are 100% Australian made and manufactured in Victoria Australia.

Quality. Price and personalised Service.

JOBS for Australians from the ground up to point of installation. There is no reason to buy 100% owned that is manufactured in China or elsewhere when the quality and price is better and Local.
Does the Installer remove my old Clothesline?
Yes, the installer will remove the old clothesline for FREE if the new Aussie Hangouts Clothesline is going in the same position.
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Get the Best Affordable Clotheslines in Melbourne

Your search for the best affordable clotheslines in Melbourne now comes to an end. At Aussie Hangouts Clotheslines, we offer quality clotheslines that will help you dry your clothes without facing hassles. These are made with care, using high-quality materials. Thus, you will not have to worry about product durability. All in all, these clotheslines are weather-resistant. So, you need not worry about experiencing wear and tear any time soon. You will only need to get in touch with us to get the product installed at your place.

As a clothesline store in Melbourne, we provide a wide range of products to suit our client’s needs. This includes clotheslines of varying sizes. You can get them installed at any place for your convenience. You will only need to measure the area and get in touch with us so that we can arrange the product for you. What’s more, our products come with a 15-year warranty. So, if you are apprehensive about product quality, now is the time to get rid of your worries.

Get Free Installation of Clotheslines in Melbourne

Are you looking for a company that provides free installation of clotheslines in Melbourne? At Aussie Hangouts Clotheslines, apart from supplying the clotheslines, we install them at our client’s places as well. Most importantly, we will do it for free if you buy our products. After you order them from our website, you will need to give your address so that we can reach your location and install them at your place. Since we are experts in this domain, we do not take much time to install these clotheslines. It only takes us a few minutes to get the work done.

You can easily book our clothesline installation services in Melbourne. While buying a product, you will need to specify whether you need this service, and the rest will be managed by us. So, if you are looking for the best clotheslines and a free installation of the same, you should get in touch with us now.

What Makes Us the Top Clotheslines Provider in Melbourne?

We are regarded as the top clothesline provider in Melbourne due to the quality of the products that we deliver. On top of that, we are always ready to install these clotheslines at our client’s places and that too within 7 days, for free. So, why search for another clothesline distributor when you have the best ones at your disposal?

You can explore our products and buy them easily using our payment gateway. If you have queries, call us at 0424 178 723 or send your queries by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ button at the top and filling out the form.