Colorbond Fencing & Clothesline Bundles

Colorbond Fencing & Clothesline Bundles

Colorbond Fence and Aussie Hangouts Clothesline
Colorbond Fencing and Aussie Hangouts Clothesline Bundles

Gate Tech Fencing Plus which has been in business since 2005, we are the local, trusted expert installers and providers of a full range of fencing and gating services.
Experts and specialists in Colorbond Fencing. Your one-stop shop.

We take pride of installing the best products of fencing across Melbourne along with providing that personal customer service everyone enjoys. We are passionate about using Australian-made products. Collectively working with Aussie Hangouts Clotheslines, where we can offer special packages and solutions for established homeowners. Who wants to create more space, or have a backyard makeover? We can match the chosen Colorbond colour of your fence to your brand new Australian-made heavy-duty Clothesline with your 10-15 year warranty included, T&C’s apply.



If you search clotheslines near me. You will probably find Bunnings come up with a range of clotheslines they have in-store. It’s a guarantee they are lacking the same superior quality as The Aussie Hangouts Clotheslines. Structurally and in the quality of material used. Yes, they are cheaper, however, factor in the fact that they haven’t included the installation fee, and it doesn’t equate to it being less affordable at all. Because the material used is of cheaper quality and yes you get what you are paying for.

Colorbond Fencing  Services

Include our products that are increasingly, very popular with the new homeowners in the new estates, who are looking for a quick simple solution to have a few of their needs met all at once. We take the hassle out of reviewing and contacting different installers for different jobs. Our installers can and will do a professional installation for your Fencing, Gates, and Clotheslines all at once! Ideal for people moving into new estates. All of these requirements must be needed to be met promptly. Our all-in-one approach streamlines the process.  You are getting a superior quality product like no other, professionally installed, done promptly, and guaranteed! With our warranty included.

Colorbond Fence

Solutions where your Fencing, Gate, and Clothesline installations are taken care of, all at once!

Do it with ease, it’s a breeze!


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