Australian made Clothes Lines 100%
Australian Made Clothes Lines

When it comes to clothesline solutions for Australian homes, Aussie Hangouts Clothesline stands head and shoulders above the rest. With their innovative designs, durability, and ease of use, these clotheslines are the perfect addition to any home. Australian Made Clothes LInes 100% .

Our Aussie Hangouts Clothesline is superior quality and affordable.

Made from Australian BlueScope Steel and stainless steel wire thread for strength.Quality and affordability- like no other!
Create space with our various clothes lines designed specifically with that in mind.

Australian backyards are getting smaller and smaller. We have various sizes and designs available from 1 Metre up to 3 Metres, suitable for residential new estates, Micro Apartments and established residential properties, and Industrial size buildings. Fold-down (retractable) or fixed (fully welded) and standalone options available.

Superior quality, made from 1.6mm thick galvanised steel and stainless-steel wire thread and fittings. It is an Industrial, sleek, elegant design all in one with minimalistic features.

If you search clotheslines near me. You will probably find Bunnings come up with a range of clotheslines they have in-store. It’s a guarantee they are lacking the same superior quality as The Aussie Hangouts Clotheslines. Structurally and in the quality of material used. Yes, they are cheaper, however, factor in the fact that they haven’t included the installation fee, it doesn’t equate to it being less affordable at all. Because the material used is of cheaper quality and yes you get what you are paying for.


Introducing the Ultimate Aussie Hangouts Clothesline in Vibrant Colorbond Colors!

Are you tired of the dull and boring clotheslines that ruin the aesthetic of your beautiful Australian backyard? Well, fret no more! We have the perfect solution for you – our brand new line of Aussie Hangouts Clothesline in a range of stunning Colorbond colors!
BONUS Basket Holder with every purchase, exclusive to Aussie Hangouts Clothes lines. Helps alleviate the pain and strain of the heavy lifting from the ground up. “Do it with ease, it’s a breeze!”
Installation included in the purchase price for a limited period of time.
100% made and owned in Australia, using Australian products, including Colorbond and BlueScope steel.
We want to keep manufacturing in Australia.
Aussie Hangouts Clothes lines includes an extensive 10-year warranty. 15-year warranty available. T&Cs apply.
Sustainable, built to last, like no other!
Installed locally within 7 days of purchase, some conditions may apply to outer regional areas.

Installation included with every purchase!